Surgical Treatments

Tooth extraction or tooth removal is carried so as to ensure that there is no further damage to our mouth. 

Simple Extraction: This procedure of tooth extraction is carried out only when tooth is visible.  The dentist will loosen the tooth using a set of instrument called as an elevator. Thereafter the tooth is removed using forceps.

Surgical Extraction: This is a tedious procedure and is used when tooth is broken at the gum line or if they have not erupted at all.  With a small incision cut on the gum line the surgeon will remove the broken tooth or wisdom tooth. It might be imperative to remove some bone from the tooth or cut the teeth in half so that it can be easily extracted. most of these procedures are done under local anesthesia and sutures are taken after the tooth removal . In case you experience pain then make sure to tell your dentist about it.


Surgical Treatments

Tooth removal (extraction) by closed and open (surgical) method

Wisdom tooth (3rd molar) Removal

Surgical wisdom tooth removal

Biopsy for Oral cancer detection